The semiconductor laser diodes have grown to be a key component in the modern photonics industry. The laser diodes are being used in various sectors to manufacture products for gas sensing, aerospace, medical instrumentation, test & measurement, fiber optic communications, Interferometry, Spectroscopy and Atomic Clock, etc.

The laser diodes are used to detect gases by using the TDLAS technology. The tunable diode laser absorption technology (TDLAS) has an improved performance and accuracy than the infrared or the traditional electrochemical gas sensors. The laser diodes are also used in for Atomic Clock, Optical Gyroscope, LIDAR, Precision Distance Measurement, Remote Sensing, Perimeter Security, optical communications applications. The laser diodes are available in various package options, butterfly package with integrated temperature control (TEC), coaxial Module, TOSA, TO-Can and Chip on Sub mount, etc.

Our DFB (Distributed Feed Back) lasers (Eblana's DM Technology) offer the highest performance levels, narrow line width (NLW) and ultra-narrow line width, low noise, superior linearity, and are usually faster. DFB laser diodes offer a large potential for sensing applications in such various fields as environmental monitoring, process control or medical analytics, where a high level of precision is required. The FP (Fabry-Perot) lasers are also available for various applications.

Irish Atomic Clock to Guide Europe's Satellites: Eblana Photonics (Ireland) has won a contract to supply the European Space Agency (ESA) with an Atomic Clock, which will be used on-board future Galileo satellites. Click Here to see the YouTube video.

Laser Diodes & Packages

Eblana Photonics Ltd is a leading manufacturer of laser diodes, laser gas sensors, Methane gas laser detectors and a major OEM supplier. Eblana’s products are manufactured by the proprietary Irish (DM) technology platform, which ensures cost effective laser products. Laser Tech is promoting the products manufactured by Eblana Photonics Limited - Dublin, Ireland.

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