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Test & Measurement

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Laser Diode Driver - DX1 Module

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Methane Gas Laser Detector

Gas Sensing

TDLAS Technology 


Ammonia (NH3) detection -1512 nm

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detection -2004 nm

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection -1571 nm

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection 2327 nm

Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) detection -1742 nm

Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) detection -1278 nm 

Hydrogen Sulphide(H2S) detection -1580 nm

Methane (CH4) detection -1654 nm

Moisture (H2O) detection -
1392 nm, 1854 nm & 1877 nm

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) detection -2108 nm

Oxygen (O2) detection -760 nm




LIDAR -1550 nm NLW

Optical Gyroscope -1550 nm NLW

Rubidium Based Atomic Clock (Rb) -780 nm

Strontium Based Atomic Clock (Sr) -689 nm

Test & Measurement
(Narrow Line Width Lasers)

Precision Distance Measurement -
1550 nm NLW

Remote Sensing - 1550 nm NLW 

Perimeter Security - 1550 nm NLW 

LIDAR - 1550 nm NLW

Fiber Communications

10Km + Fiber Comms -
1550 nm DM / 1310 nm DM

Advanced Fiber Comms -2000 nm DM

Coherent Communications -1550 nm NLW

Short Haul Fiber Comms -
1550 nm FP/ 1310nm FP

Laser Diode Driver -
DX1 Module

The DX1 Laser Module with integrated Current Source & Temperature Controller. This fully integrated unit is specifically designed to incorporate any of Eblana's existing DM laser diode Butterfly products, delivering precise TEC control and an ultra low noise current source for optimised laser performance. The DX1 driver module complements Eblana's range of single wavelength laser diode products designed for gas sensing, advanced fiber communications, metrology, interferometry and aerospace applications. The DX1 module series includes a specially configured version featuring Eblana's Narrow Linewidth (100kHz) Laser resulting in a high performance, narrow-linewidth laser module in a plug and play format at a very economical price point. The compact housing measures just 28 x 50 x 72 mm, ideal for OEM work.

  • Incorporates a stable, low noise current source .
  • Provides stable and precise Thermo Electric Control .
  • Very compact format .
  • Eliminates need for separate mount & driver units.

Custom Laser Diodes

Our Irish technology (DM-Discrete Mode Diode Lasers) platform gives you the freedom to specify your laser characteristics from the widest possible range of electro optical parameters. With wavelengths spanning 689nm to 2020nm coupled with options ranging from simple TO-Can to PM fiber pigtailed 14 Pin Butterfly packages. We can deliver a laser to completely meet your requirements in the shortest timeframe and at a cost to fit your budget.

Methane Gas Laser Detector With TDLAS Technology
Powered by Eblana Lasers

The laser technology based detector has an improved performance than the conventional method like electro chemical gas sensor or infrared technology. Eblana's EP1654-DM series laser diode is designed for Methane detection using the 1653.7 nm absorption line. The Laser sensor has accurate detection, fast response, calibration free, continuous monitoring, and no false alarm etc. The detector is packaged in an explosion proof robust casing, and the capabilities are perfectly suited for mass deployment in the field where safety, reliability & performance is critical, such as the coal mining, oil & gas, and landfill industries. The laser gas detector module warning system comprises both visual & audible alarm systems, with no false alarm. The networked communication allows for the transmission of local CH4 concentrations to remote terminals.

Last Updated on 13/03/2017